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Spot issues before it hits users. Test your app's stability, performance, accessibility. Combinatorial Test Designing at the Heart of the Solution With IBM. Learn More. Discover usability problems and create better experiences for your customers. Atoma Technologies are official complementary solution providers. Appgecheckt: Die Handysektor App-Tests. Wir nehmen für dich die beliebtesten Apps für Smartphones und Tablets unter die Lupe und testen diese für dich!

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Create React App uses Jest as its test runner. To prepare for this integration, we did a major revamp of Jest so if you heard bad things about it years ago, give it another try.

Jest is a Node-based runner. This means that the tests always run in a Node environment and not in a real browser.

This lets us enable fast iteration speed and prevent flakiness. While Jest provides browser globals such as window thanks to jsdom , they are only approximations of the real browser behavior.

Jest is intended to be used for unit tests of your logic and your components rather than the DOM quirks. We recommend that you use a separate tool for browser end-to-end tests if you need them.

They are beyond the scope of Create React App. For example, if App. Collocation also helps find tests more quickly in larger projects.

Every time you save a file, it will re-run the tests, like how npm start recompiles the code. The watcher includes an interactive command-line interface with the ability to run all tests, or focus on a search pattern.

It is designed this way so that you can keep it open and enjoy fast re-runs. By default, when you run npm test , Jest will only run the tests related to files changed since the last commit.

This is an optimization designed to make your tests run fast regardless of how many tests you have. Jest will always explicitly mention that it only ran tests related to the files changed since the last commit.

You can also press a in the watch mode to force Jest to run all tests. Jest will always run all tests on a continuous integration server or if the project is not inside a Git or Mercurial repository.

To create tests, add it or test blocks with the name of the test and its code. You may optionally wrap them in describe blocks for logical grouping but this is neither required nor recommended.

Jest provides a built-in expect global function for making assertions. A basic test could look like this:. All expect matchers supported by Jest are extensively documented here.

You can also use jest. There is a broad spectrum of component testing techniques. Different projects choose different testing tradeoffs based on how often components change, and how much logic they contain.

When you encounter bugs caused by changing components, you will gain a deeper insight into which parts of them are worth testing in your application.

This might be a good time to introduce more specific tests asserting specific expected output or behavior. To install it, run:. As of Enzyme 3, you will need to install Enzyme along with an Adapter corresponding to the version of React you are using.

The examples above use the adapter for React The adapter will also need to be configured in your global setup file :. Read here to learn how to add this after ejecting.

Unlike the previous smoke test using ReactDOM. Shallow rendering is great for isolated unit tests, but you may still want to create some full rendering tests to ensure the components integrate correctly.

Enzyme supports full rendering with mount , and you can also use it for testing state changes and component lifecycle. Figure 2.

See the code coverage percentages for your application. For more information about local unit tests, see Building local unit tests.

When you run a JUnit or instrumented test, the results appear in the Run window. A green bar means all tests succeeded and a red bar means at least one test failed.

Figure 3 shows a successful test run. Figure 3. Test results appear in the Run window. The Run window displays the tests in a tree view on the left, and the results and messages for the current test suite in the output pane on the right.

Use the toolbars, context menus, and status icons to manage the test results, as follows:. If a unit test contains assertEquals failures from comparing two string objects, you can see what the differences are between the two string objects to find out what caused the failures, as follows:.

Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Android Studio. Download What's new User guide Preview.

Meet Android Studio. Manage your project. Write your app. Build and run your app. Run apps on the emulator. Run apps on a hardware device.

Configure your build. Debug your app. Test your app. Profile your app. Benchmark your app. Inspect CPU activity.

Publish your app. Command line tools. Google is committed to advancing racial equity for Black communities. See how. Android Developers.

Test types and location The location of your test code depends on the type of test you are writing. Add a new test To create either a local unit test or an instrumented test, you can create a new test for a specific class or method by following these steps: Open the Java file containing the code you want to test.

In the menu that appears, click Create New Test. In the Create Test dialog, edit any fields and select any methods to generate, and then click OK.

In the Choose Destination Directory dialog, click the source set corresponding to the type of test you want to create: androidTest for an instrumented test or test for a local unit test.

Then click OK. Alternatively, you can create a generic Java file in the appropriate test source set as follows: In the Project window on the left, click the drop-down menu and select the Project view.

Expand the appropriate module folder and the nested src folder. To add a local unit test, expand the test folder and the nested java folder; to add an instrumented test, expand the androidTest folder and the nested java folder.

Name the file and then click OK. Create instrumented test for a build variant If your project includes build variants with unique source sets, then you might want corresponding instrumented test source sets.

To add a testing source set for your build variant, follow these steps: In the Project window on the left, click the drop-down menu and select the Project view.

For the directory name, enter "androidTest VariantName. Enter "java" as the directory name, and then click OK.

To learn more, go to Configure product flavors. Change the test build type By default, all tests run against the debug build type. To create a test module, proceed as follows: Create a library module.

In the module level build file , apply the com. Sync your project. Run a test To run a test, proceed as follows: Be sure your project is synchronized with Gradle by clicking Sync Project in the toolbar.

Run your test in one of the following ways: In the Project window, right-click a test and click Run. In the Code Editor, right-click a class or method in the test file and click Run to test all methods in the class.

To run all tests, right-click on the test directory and click Run tests. View test coverage The test coverage tool is available for local unit tests to track the percentage and areas of your app code that your unit tests have covered.

The following procedure shows how to run a unit test inline from the editor: Double-click the unit test you want to run.

In the editor, place your cursor in the line you want to run with coverage. If you place your cursor in the class declaration, all test methods in that class run.

If you place your cursor in a method declaration, all code in that method runs. If you place your cursor on a particular line within a method, only that line runs.

Right-click the line where you placed your cursor. In the context menu, choose Run test-name with coverage.

View the test results When you run a JUnit or instrumented test, the results appear in the Run window. Use the toolbars, context menus, and status icons to manage the test results, as follows: Use the run toolbar to rerun the current test, stop the current test, rerun failed tests not shown because it is available for unit tests only , pause output, and dump threads.

Use the testing toolbar to filter and sort test results. You can also expand or collapse nodes, show test coverage, and import or export test results.

Click the context menu to track the running test, show inline statistics, scroll to the stacktrace, open the source code at an exception, auto scroll to the source, and select the first failed test when the test run completes.

Test status icons indicate whether a test has an error, was ignored, failed, is in progress, has passed, is paused, was terminated, or was not run.

Right-click a line in the tree view to display a context menu that lets you run the tests in debug mode, open the test source code file, or jump to the line in the source code being tested.

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