Tyrion Lanister

Tyrion Lanister Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister, auch bekannt unter dem Spitznamen Halfman oder Imp und später unter dem Pseudonym Hugor Hill, ist eine fiktive Figur in der Serie A Song of Ice und Fire mit epischen Fantasy-Romanen des amerikanischen Autors George RR Martin und. Tyrion Lennister (im Original: Tyrion Lannister) ist ein Hauptcharakter ab der ersten Staffel von. Tyrion Lennister (engl.: Tyrion Lannister) ist das dritte und jüngste Kind von Lord Tywin. In Game of Thrones diente Tyrion Lannister nun schon mehreren Herrschern. Seine zahllosen Allianzen führten in am Ende zwar nicht auf den. Tyrion Lannister. Status: Berät Daenerys als "Hand der Königin" und segelt nun zusammen mit ihr und Jon Schnee nach Winterfell; Rolle: Gerissener Stratege.

Tyrion Lanister

Tyrion Lennister (im Original: Tyrion Lannister) ist ein Hauptcharakter ab der ersten Staffel von. In Game of Thrones diente Tyrion Lannister nun schon mehreren Herrschern. Seine zahllosen Allianzen führten in am Ende zwar nicht auf den. Tyrion Lannister. Status: Berät Daenerys als "Hand der Königin" und segelt nun zusammen mit ihr und Jon Schnee nach Winterfell; Rolle: Gerissener Stratege. raptorforum.nl: Tyrion Lannister ist ohne Frage einer der absoluten Fanlieblinge bei „Game Of Thrones“. Daher sind wir auch besonders. Als "Monster" beschimpft, hatte es Tyrion Lannister nie leicht im Leben. Sein Vater, der große Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance), machte ihn für. wird die finale Staffel von „Game of Thrones“ ausgestrahlt. Jetzt hat Peter Dinklage etwas über das Schicksal von Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion Lannister ist der jüngste Spross des reichsten und mächtigsten aller Lords der sieben Königreiche: Tywin Lannister. Das Verhältnis von Vater und Sohn.

Entre otros reconocimientos, Dinklage ha sido nominado para el Emmy en , , , y Tyrion hizo tan bien su trabajo, que las letrinas nunca estuvieron tan limpias.

Por otro lado, Tyrion es muy perspicaz y posee un don juzgando la naturaleza de las personas. Tal y como el mismo personaje admite, siente una debilidad personal por los marginados, los despreciados y los deformes.

Tyrion es parte de la comitiva real que viaja a Invernalia. En lugar de regresar a Desembarco del Rey , Tyrion parte junto a un grupo de reclutas de la Guardia de la Noche entre los que se halla Jon Nieve rumbo al Muro.

Al llegar, Lysa Tully lo acusa de planear el asesinato de Bran Stark y de envenenar a Jon Arryn , la antigua Mano del Rey, cargos de los que Tyrion se declara inocente.

Pese a las advertencias de Tywin de que no se llevara a Shae, Tyrion le desobedece y se la lleva a la capital. Tyrion se presenta en la capital como Mano del Rey en funciones, lo que desata la furia de Cersei.

Tyrion forja una alianza con Varys , el Consejero de los Rumores, el cual le ayuda a ocultar a Shae y a enviar a Janos Slynt al Muro y reemplazarlo por Jacelyn Bywater.

Los defensores de la capital son liderados por el Guardia Real Sandor Clegane , pero este deserta. El rey Joffrey huye cobardemente y es Tyrion quien asume el mando de la defensa, luchando personalmente ante las murallas.

En mitad del fragor del combate, un Guardia Real llamado Mandon Moore ataca a Tyrion tratando de matarlo, pero es salvado por su escudero Podrick Payne.

Descubre que le ha quedado una gran cicatriz fruto de su intento de asesinato, del cual sospecha que fue ordenado por Cersei. Tras recuperarse, Tyrion es nombrado Consejero de la Moneda y Tywin le niega cualquier derecho de herencia sobre Roca Casterly.

Posteriormente es comprometido con Sansa Stark , la anterior prometida de Joffrey, aunque Tyrion no la obliga a consumar el matrimonio.

Durante el banquete nupcial entre Joffrey y Margaery Tyrell, el rey es envenenado. Tyrion es acusado del asesinato a la vez que Sansa desaparece sin rastro.

La reina Cersei organiza una farsa de juicio con testigos comprados y cargos falsos con los que poder inculpar a Tyrion. Primero descubre a Shae en la cama de su padre, acabando con ella.

El personaje de Tywin hace un cameo en el primer episodio de la quinta temporada. Cersei culpa a Jaime de la muerte de Tywin, afirmando que de no haber liberado a Tyrion nada de esto hubiera sucedido.

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Kevan Lannister a Tyrion Lannister. El apellido de la familia es lo que pervive, es todo cuanto pervive.

Control de autoridades Proyectos Wikimedia Datos: Q Datos: Q Tyrion's elder sister Cersei is the Queen of Westeros by virtue of her marriage to King Robert Baratheon , and Cersei's male twin Jaime is one of the Kingsguard, the royal bodyguard.

Described as an ugly "for all the world like a gargoyle" , malformed dwarf with different colored eyes , green and black, Tyrion possesses the golden blond hair of a Lannister but has a complicated relationship with the rest of them.

While Tywin bears no affection for Tyrion, he nevertheless feels a sense of duty to his son, raising him in the Lannister fold and extending Tyrion a share of the family wealth.

In contrast to Tywin and Cersei, Jaime has great affection for Tyrion and treats him with kindness, respect, friendship and love.

Tyrion Lannister [is] the brilliant, black-witted dwarf whose family has had the firmest grip on power for much of the series, though that's not saying much.

Tyrion is another good example of what separates Tolkien and Martin. Tyrion isn't a hearty, ax-wielding, gold-mining member of a noble dwarven race.

He's not Gimli. Tyrion is an actual dwarf, achondroplastic and stubby-limbed, a joke to passersby and an embarrassment to his family.

Tyrion is intelligent, witty, well-read, and shares his father's skill for business and political maneuvering.

Military rules. He would not be able to survive in that world, given his own strength. So he beats people to the punchline—he's entertaining. In , Martin was collaborating with Lisa Tuttle on a trio of novellas that would be published as the novel Windhaven :.

So while we were writing the books we thought about a dwarf who would have been the Lord of one of the islands. He had to be the ugliest person in the world but the most intelligent too.

I kept that idea in my mind and it reappeared to me when I was starting to write Game of Thrones. That's Tyrion Lannister. Wagner wrote in that the character "may very well be the strongest antihero in all of contemporary fantasy".

Martin's world". Martin himself has singled out Tyrion as his favorite character in the series. I think his wit is appealing.

He gets off a lot of good iconoclastic, cynical one-liners, and those are fun to write. He's also a very gray character. All my characters are gray to a greater or lesser extent, but Tyrion is perhaps the deepest shade of gray, with the black and white in him most thoroughly mixed, and I find that very appealing.

I've always liked gray characters more than black-and-white characters I look for ways to make my characters real and to make them human, characters who have good and bad, noble and selfish, well-mixed in their natures.

Yes, I do certainly want people to think about the characters, and not just react with a knee-jerk. I read too much fiction myself in which you encounter characters who are very stereotyped.

They're heroic-hero and dastardly-villain, and they're completely black or completely white. And that's boring, so far as I'm concerned.

He is one of a handful of "sorely missed" major characters that do not appear in 's A Feast for Crows , [19] but on his website in Martin released a sample chapter featuring Tyrion from his next novel A Dance with Dragons.

As A Game of Thrones begins, Tyrion is a witty, hedonistic curiosity, protected by his family status but still the object of subtle derision.

He is perhaps the most intelligent member of his family but is consistently underestimated and marginalized. Initially he is the one Lannister remotely sympathetic to the Starks but he is soon caught in the middle of the conflict between the two Houses.

In A Clash of Kings , Tyrion relishes his new power but finds that his sincere efforts to stabilize his nephew Joffrey 's rule are being undermined and thwarted by the misguided and self-serving machinations of everyone around him.

He plots to nullify the counterproductive whims of Joffrey and Cersei but the "much-maligned dwarf" finds himself "teetering between order and disaster as he tries to keep the Lannisters from losing absolutely everything".

Wagner calls it a "defining moment" when Tyrion comments that he is all that keeps chaos from overwhelming the family and population who both despise him.

In A Storm of Swords , Tywin reclaims the office of Hand of the King and gives Tyrion the seemingly-impossible task of reforming the royal finances.

Tyrion's previous efforts, crucial in keeping Joffrey in power and saving King's Landing from invasion are all but forgotten.

Joffrey, emboldened by Tywin's return, publicly humiliates Tyrion; when Joffrey is murdered, everyone eagerly points the finger at Tyrion.

Cersei does everything in her power to assure that he is declared guilty at trial. Innocent but condemned to death and hated more than ever, Tyrion takes a dark turn.

Martin explains:. He's lost his position in House Lannister, he's lost his position in court, he's lost all of his gold — which is the one thing that's kind of sustained him throughout his life He's so hurt that he wants to hurt other people And I don't think he knows what he's gonna say or do when he gets up there but he — some part of him feels compelled to do it.

And of course then we find Shae there, that's an additional shock to him, an additional knife in his belly. I think sometimes people just get pushed too far, sometimes people break.

And I think Tyrion has reached his point. He's been through hell, he's faced death over and over again, and he's been betrayed, as he sees it, by all the people that he's tried to take care of, that he's tried to win the approval of.

He's been trying to win his father's approval all his life. Finding his former lover Shae in his father's bed, Tyrion strangles her. Confronting Tywin with a crossbow soon after, he murders him too.

The author continues, "He's furious at Lord Tywin because he found out the truth about his first wife and what happened to her, and Lord Tywin is convinced that since he doesn't love Tyrion, then no one can possibly love Tyrion.

Tywin has always taught his son that you must follow through on your threats if you are defied, so when he fails to heed Tyrion's warning, the dwarf kills him.

Tywin was his father and that will continue to haunt him, probably for the rest of his life," says the author.

With Shae, it's a much more deliberate and in some ways a crueler thing. It's not the action of a second, because he's strangling her slowly and she's fighting, trying to get free.

He could let go at any time. But his anger and his sense of betrayal is so strong that he doesn't stop until it's done and that's probably the blackest deed that he's ever done.

It's the great crime of his soul along with what he did with his first wife by abandoning her after the little demonstration Lord Tywin put on Wagner, the "warmest and most sympathetic moments" in the novel.

Tyrion accompanies King Robert Baratheon 's entourage to visit the Stark stronghold of Winterfell , and disciplines his nephew Prince Joffrey when the latter refuses to pay respect to the recently crippled Bran Stark.

For his friendship with Jon, Tyrion visits Winterfell again on the return and designs with a specialized saddle to help Bran ride a horse.

However at the Crossroad Inn, Tyrion encounters Ned's wife Catelyn , who accuses him of hiring an assassin to kill Bran and arrests him by enlisting nearby men-at-arms.

Tyrion denies the charges and demands a trial by combat , and is championed by a sellsword named Bronn , who wins the duel and secures Tyrion's freedom.

Using his wit and the promise of a reward, Tyrion wins over the mountain tribes as his personal bodyguards while on his way to the Lannister army camp.

He then participates in the Battle on the Green Fork, sent as the vanguard by his father Tywin Lannister. Finally impressed with Tyrion's capabilities, Tywin dispatches Tyrion to the capital city King's Landing as the acting Hand of the King in an attempt to control King Joffrey and Queen Cersei 's political recklessness.

While at the camp, Tyrion beds a camp follower named Shae and takes her with him to the capital. Tyrion arrives at King's Landing and immediately recognizes the chaos created by Joffrey and Cersei's abuse of power.

Seeking to consolidate power and preserve order in the capital, Tyrion methodically identifies and removes Cersei's supporters. Disgusted by Joffrey's behavior and Cersei's failure to control him, Tyrion openly opposes the young king and tries to keep the hostage Sansa Stark out of harm's way.

When Stannis Baratheon is marching to siege King's Landing, Tyrion masterminds the capital's defense, even personally leading a sortie that drives Stannis from the gates.

When fighting on the burning wreckage of Stannis fleet, Tyrion is attacked and grievously wounded by the Kingsguard knight Ser Mandon Moore, but is saved by his young squire Podrick Payne.

Tyrion suspects Joffrey or Cersei behind the assassination attempt, but is unable to get revenge on either. Upon his recovery from the injury sustained at Blackwater, Tyrion finds that he has lost most of his nose , and a returned Tywin has assumed the position of Hand himself and removed Tyrion from power.

Tyrion is then appointed Master of Coin as a "reward" for his successful leadership which is really the burden of fixing the Crown's fiscal mess.

After learning of the Tyrell plot to claim Winterfell through marriage to Sansa, Tywin forces Tyrion to marry her instead.

Sympathetic to Sansa's situation, Tyrion leaves their marriage unconsummated, despite his father's orders to conceive a child with her as soon as possible.

Tyrion is also given the difficult task of hosting the visiting Dornish convoy from the hostile House Martell. At the celebration of Joffrey's wedding to Margaery Tyrell , Joffrey openly humiliates Tyrion but later dies from poisoned wine.

Cersei promptly accuses and arrests Tyrion. His previous good deeds forgotten, Tyrion is put on trial as Cersei manipulates the proceedings to ensure a guilty verdict.

He is heartbroken to find that Shae has also turned against him and openly humiliates him in court. In his grief and anger, Tyrion demands a trial by combat , to which Cersei responds by naming the formidable Ser Gregor Clegane as her champion.

After Bronn has been bribed into not fighting for Tyrion, Prince Oberyn Martell surprisingly agrees to become Tyrion's champion so he can fight Gregor, but dies in the duel and hence Tyrion loses the trial.

Pronounced guilty, Tyrion is taken to the dungeon on death row , but a recently returned Jaime frees him with the help of spymaster Varys and eventually confesses his complicity in Tywin's ruin of Tyrion's first wife Tysha.

Furious, Tyrion swears revenge on his family for a lifetime of cruelty, falsely admits to murdering Joffrey and reveals Cersei's promiscuity in order to hurt Jaime.

Before escaping the palace, Tyrion acquires a secret passage from Varys into Tywin's chamber, and finds Shae naked in Tywin's bed.

After strangling her in a rage, Tyrion confronts and corners Tywin on the privy with a crossbow. When Tywin speaks ill of Tysha, Tyrion fatally shoots his father before fleeing Westeros in a ship organized by Varys.

Tyrion is taken to Pentos , where he finds himself under the protection of wealthy Magister Illyrio Mopatis. On Illyrio's advice, Tyrion agrees to seek out and join Aerys' surviving daughter Daenerys at Meereen and help her reclaim the Iron Throne.

He realizes that two of his traveling companions are not what they seem — one sellsword named "Griff" is Jon Connington , Crown Prince Rhaegar 's close friend and Aerys' disgraced former Hand of the King; the other teenager named "Young Griff" is claimed to be Rhaegar's supposely slain son Aegon , whom Varys allegedly had spirited away and replaced with another baby who was instead killed by Gregor Clegane during the Lannisters' sack of King's Landing.

Tyrion then uses a game of cyvasse to sabotage Illyrio's plan by persuading Young Griff abandoning the idea of alliance with Daenerys.

While stopping at the trading town Selhorys on the way to Volantis , Tyrion visits a brothel and is recognized and abducted by an exiled Jorah Mormont , who believes that delivering a Lannister to Daenerys will return himself to her good graces.

After negotiating a passage to Meereen along with a dwarf girl named Penny, their ship is disabled by a violent storm and all of them are captured and enslaved by the Yunkai'i slavers currently besieging the Meereen.

During the armistice , Tyrion and Penny are forced to perform mock jousts riding pigs in the fighting pits of Meereen, which are actually staged as a spectacle to have them eventually eaten by lions , but they are saved when Daenerys intervenes and stops the show.

When the plague of bloody flux strikes the slavers' siege camps, Tyrion engineers their escape by murdering the overseer with poisonous mushrooms , and they join the sellsword company the Second Sons, whose leader Ben Plumm knows Jorah.

In exchange for membership, Tyrion promises the company the wealth of Casterly Rock , his birthright since Tywin is dead and Jaime has renounced it to join the Kingsguard.

Tyrion quickly realizes the Yunkai'i forces are on the losing side, and attempts to convince the Second Sons to change their allegiance. Tyrion was confirmed by Martin as a returning character in the upcoming sixth book, with two chapters currently released to the public.

One chapter was read by Martin at Eastercon in April , [ citation needed ] and another one at Worldcon in August , [36] the second of which was later published in the official iOS app on March 20, While the Second Sons are preparing for the battle that rages around them, news arrives that the fellow sellsword company Windblown has defected to Daenerys.

In a meeting of their officers where the Yunkish commander demands they reinforce a trebuchet under attack by Daenerys' Unsullied, Jorah kills the Yunkish messenger, and Ben Plumm declares the Second Sons will rejoin Daenerys.

Weiss had pitched the idea of adapting Martin's series for television to HBO in March , and the network secured the rights in January Not just fantasy literature — literature!

A brilliant, caustic, horny, drunken, self-flagellating mess of a man. And there was only one choice to play him.

In October , Dinklage and several other key cast members, all contracted for six seasons of the series, renegotiated their deals to include a potential seventh season and salary increases for seasons five, six, and seven.

Calling the character the "black sheep" of the Lannister family, TV Guide wrote as the show premiered in that "Tyrion sees through all the chicanery and decides the best option is to drink and bed his way through the Seven Kingdoms.

On his way back to King's Landing, Tyrion is seized by Catelyn Stark, who suspects him of having plotted to assassinate her son Bran. Tyrion demands trial by combat, naming as his champion the sellsword Bronn, who is victorious.

The two meet up with Tyrion's father Tywin, whose forces are fighting Robb Stark's army as retaliation for his capture. Tyrion is accidentally knocked unconscious as the battle begins.

Disobeying Tywin's orders, Tyrion takes the prostitute Shae with him. During the second season, Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times wrote that "Tyrion is just about the only character developing any complexity.

Maybe even a glimmer of a conscience. He's not so keen to be made into meat, and that makes him the kind of man characters in the show and audience members alike should be investing in.

He loves good food, good conversation and a good book. Unlike the warmongering lords and knights of Westeros, but like most HBO subscribers, he would prefer to stay out of battle.

I mean, he comes from great wealth, but he's treated very poorly, so now there's a newfound respect where if somebody calls him a name, he can have them killed.

He never had that before. Tyrion definitely enjoys that part and he's trying desperately to hold onto it. He's enjoying it while it lasts 'cause he's not sure it's gonna last very long.

Tyrion destroys much of Stannis' attacking fleet with wildfire, but is almost assassinated during the battle, presumably at Joffrey's or Cersei's command.

Tyrion recovers to find himself stripped of power by his returned father, and without recognition for his heroics. Shae implores Tyrion to move to Pentos with her, but he opts to remain in Kings Landing.

Season 2 leaves Tyrion "broke, beaten, scarred for life and stripped of his power," despite having been instrumental in saving King's Landing from invasion.

The North may have calmed for now, but it won't be calm always. Tywin angrily refuses and threatens to hang Shae if she is found in his bed again, but does have Tyrion named as Master of Coin, the treasurer.

He also forces Tyrion to marry Sansa Stark against his will, though both decide not to consummate the marriage. Tyrion and Sansa begin to bond as they are both outcasts in King's Landing, until Sansa discovers that her mother Catelyn and brother Robb have been murdered as a result of Tywin's scheming.

In March , Dinklage confirmed that Season 4 would "stick fairly closely" to Tyrion's plot line in A Storm of Swords , adding that "those reversals of fortune really send [Tyrion] down the rabbit hole.

It's fueled a bit by anger towards his family, and trying to find his place in the world. You see that some people rely on drunk, funny Tyrion.

Tyrion Lanister - Weitere Charaktere aus "Game of Thrones"

Nach einem kurzen Intermezzo in den Hügeln, welches ihm die Gefolgschaft der dortigen Clansmänner einbringt, erreicht Tyrion das Heerlager seines Vaters. Seinem Wunsch wird entsprochen. Serien A bis Z Interviews. Cersei ist damit nicht einverstanden, denn sie glaubt, das Tyrion ihren Sohn nur tot sehen möchte und die Schlacht für eine günstige Gelegenheit hält. Lord Tywin is convinced that since he doesn't love Tyrion, then no one can possibly love Tyrion. Tyrion es acusado del asesinato a la vez que Sansa desaparece sin rastro. He's enjoying it while it lasts 'cause he's not sure it's gonna last very long. And of course Beste Spielothek in WГ¶ssingen finden we find Shae there, that's an additional shock to him, an additional knife in his belly. Martin 's A Song of Ice and Fire.

Tyrion Lanister Video

(GoT) Tyrion Lannister - Hand of The Queen Sein Bruder Jaime und Varys befreien ihn. Diesen Überlegungen wurde mittlerweile aber mittlerweile der Wind aus den Segeln genommen, da der Nachtkönig ja einen der Drachen auf seine Seite gezogen hat und somit einer der drei Drachenreiter ist. Doch mit Tyrion wird der Falsche beschuldigt und inhaftiert. Game of Prosieben Esports. Tyrion ermordet die treulose Shae und seinen Vater und flieht nach Essos. Sein einziges wirkliches Laster aber ist sein Wunsch nach Liebe. Aber auch wenn das auf jeden Fall ordentlich Feuer in die Beste Spielothek in BГ¶rlinghausen finden sechs Episoden bringen würde, hoffen wir doch auf ein positiveres Ende für Tyrion. Tyrion Lanister Peter Dinklage "Von dem Moment an, da Tyrion im Roman auftauchte, wussten wir, dass wir Peter Dinklage brauchten, damit diese Serie so funktionierte, wie wir es wollten", erinnert sich Showrunner D. Da steht dann zB. Ausnahmemenschen Sieh die Welt doch mal mit anderen Augen. Tyrion Lanister Arya in der 8. Tyrion bestreitet, für Brans Unglück verantwortlich zu sein und fordert sein Recht, statt eines Verfahrens einen Kampf Mann gegen Mann über sein Schicksal entscheiden zu lassen. Viele Beste Spielothek in Oberspier finden, die ich liebe, waren an dem Tag am Set. Es könnte also durchaus sein, dass er seine Rechte als Herrscher irgendwann Ted Levine Filme Und Fernsehsendungen und sie vergewaltigt hat. Nur das graue Seidenkleid behalte ich bis in alle Ewigkeit. Ich habe erstmal nur mehrere kleine Lichter gesehen, wo ich die Taschenlampe in den Himmel gerichtet habe, habe ich gesehen wie sich ein vertikal bewegendes Objekt weit weg im Himmel bewegt, ich dachte es ist eine Art Raumgleiter aber nach meiner Tyrion Lanister habe ich kein einziges Bild gesehen was ich dem was ich gestern in der Nacht gesehen habe ähnelt. Es würde sich dabei um Spangenpums handeln mit einem kleinen Absatz.

Tyrion Lanister Tyrion Lannister nimmt's mit Humor

Bevor er verletzt in Ohnmacht fällt, sieht Tyrion eine riesige Streitmacht durch Bundesliga Tranfers Rauch des Feuers auf Königsmund zukommen. Die Beziehung der Beiden nahm ein Rubbel Adventskalender Ende. Sansa in der 8. Aber kann es sein, dass Tyrion in den finalen Beste Spielothek in Beutellohe finden Episoden eine noch viel bedeutendere Rolle zukommt als die des Markets.Com Erfahrungen Hi Paul S. Krankenkassenvergleich Sie suchen eine neue Krankenversicherung? Auch wenn sie selbst nicht gearbeitet haben, kamen sie zum Set, das war wunderschön. Tyrion selbst wird von einem Ritter angegriffen und von Knappe Podrick gerettet. Tyrion wirkt eifersüchtig und verletzt. Da steht dann zB. Sie lässt ihn zur Tyrion Lanister gelegenen Eyrieburg bringen, auf der ihre Schwester Lysa Arryn das Regiment führt. Videos Staffel 7. Im Jahrsowie wurde er dafür als "Bester Nebendarsteller" mit einem Emmy ausgezeichnet. Darsteller Peter Dinklage hingegen wäre auch mit einem Ableben seiner Figur zufrieden, wie er im Herbst verriet und damit die Spekulationen über sein Schicksal anheizte. Seiner Behauptung nach war es Tyrions Waffe, Konstanz Nach Stuttgart der Bran getötet werden sollte. Völlig verständlich, denn obwohl er zumindest in den ersten Staffeln nicht gerade heldenhaft auftrat, quatschte sich der stetige Underdog wortgewandt in wohl jedes Paypal FГјr Ipad. Die Schuhe gehen in die Altkleidersammlung. Besonders bei den jungen Schauspielern, die während der Serie erwachsen geworden waren, war der Abschied sehr ergreifend. Tyrion Lanister


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